Jewish cuisine of Nabeul

In Dar El Gaied, there are no cards, there are desires, fresh products and know-how coming up with a Jewish-Tunisian cuisine in a Nabeulian style. The Jewish culinary heritage has remained alive in Nabeul and the owners, Donia and Montassar Mâmouri, do know about it. With their courteous welcome and elegant words, they like to share generously. With them, Kémia is queen! It sets the tone for a table full of flavors: Harissa from Nabeul (with onions), a “méchouia” – garnished with tuna and grilled pepper, the “mzora” or “ommok houria ”, (Caraway carrots), pepper and candied tomatoes, eggplant caviar, artichokes and fennel salads, cumin potatoes, chicken menina (egg bread), and more. The house kitchen offers a range of dishes where colours and flavours compete for the pleasure of the taste buds: tfina, kefta, Asafar, mloukhia, couscous with meatballs, among others.
« 90% of the tomatoes I use in the kitchen are fresh. The neighbours and their parents spent the day in the kitchen … Who in Nabeul does not still have the taste of snacks in their mouths, be it the fricassés from Théo, the Harissa or even the Kaki from Chamôune? »

Restaurant Les Citronniers

The restaurant’s menu is above all that of the market and fresh products from the region. Another major component of the menu is the taste of the guests and what they prefer to eat. Whether light or elaborate, the cuisine of the restaurant Les Citronniers is open to the world: Italian flavours, grilled food, diet menus, traditional Tunisian cuisine, etc. Typical cuisine is carried out by a team passionate about flavours and memories of a time where counting was not a thing. A time where everyone would gladly do everything possible to please the guests. Upon reservation only.